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Healthy Living

Exercise: 3 Tips to Staying Motivated

Exercise: 3 Tips to Staying Motivated

By Dr. Jarom Ipson, NMD Research has indicated that 9 out of 10 people who have lost weight through any weight loss or exercise program will regain the weight. The key is building healthy habits. Motivation fades quickly while a habit becomes part of your lifestyle....

Healthy Tip

Did You Know This About Water?

Did You Know This About Water?

By Dr. Jarom Ipson, NMD Water is so important to your health. On August 13th at 7pm in our office we are going to have a Water Expert Dalin Randall from JB Water. Talking about clean water and it’s benefits. Hope to see you there!   Register...

Healthy Eating

Slow Cooker Honey Garlic Chicken

Slow Cooker Honey Garlic Chicken

Do you enjoy a meal that marinates all day in your slow cooker? Here is flavorful meal from   INGREDIENTS: 4 – boneless, skinless Chicken breasts 1/2 C. – Honey 1 C. –  organic Ketchup 2 Tbs. –  Braggs Liquid Aminos 4 – large cloves of Garlic,...
We Have Affordable Lab Testing

We Have Affordable Lab Testing

Due to the amount of lab work that we run and because we have amazing patients we have been able to negotiate the lowest cash lab prices available. Prices vary per the tests ordered but in most cases our prices end up cheaper than what your labs would have cost ran...


We treat each of our patients as an individual. Your lab work, symptoms and diagnosis are great information but not you. We focus on finding the cause of how you are feeling and then working together with you to overcome health challenges in the best way possible for you. We offer a loving environment to help you feel in charge of your health. Your success is our ultimate goal and providing you with the tools to attain health is our mission. We love it when our patients feel great.


Here at SanTan Natural Medicine, we offer a variety of natural solutions to aid you in physical health and wellness.


Come read the latest tips and tricks that we have to offer, to help you become healthier on your own.


Order your supply of vitamins and nutritional supplements through our brand new online store.

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Get to know who our Physicians are and why you can trust them with your health and wellness needs.

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What our Patients are Saying

“I feel better than I have in years. All of my friends comment on how good I look, and no one believes that I am old enough to be on Social Security. The SanTan staff have been so personable. I have never been rushed, and am amazed how willing they are to take the time to find out about me.”

Alita Kalgaard

Tempe, Arizona

“I have lost 41 lbs so far and have experienced a significant drop in my blood pressure, which from my standpoint is great. Please accept sincere thanks to you and all of your colleagues there at SanTan.”

George R. Adams

Washington, D.C.

The SanTan staff is always pleasant, very attentive to their clients, and give thorough explanations of medical advice. When I have had an appointment they are always on time. The staff makes sure that my time is as valuable as theirs. I can tell the staff truly love their jobs.

Valerie Gyory

Chandler, Arizona

The doctors and staff have spent several months finding the right alternatives to help me with my energy, mood and overall health. I recommend SanTan to all my friends and clients looking for natural alternatives for improving their well-being.

Michelle German

Gilbert, Arizona

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