By Dr. Jarom Ipson, NMD

Why CoolSculpting?

The number one complaint I hear from my patients is ‘With all my eating right and exercising I still can’t lose this pooch of tummy fat or love handles.’ The truth is, it is really hard to eliminate those stubborn pooches of fat. Now we can say, I can solve that! The answer: CoolSculpting.


What is CoolSculpting?

CoolSculpting is a non-invasive, FDA-approved procedure to actually remove fat. Yep, you can remove fat, just like having liposuction, without going under the knife and without down time. I know you’re saying, “this is too good to be true.” But it is. The treatments take about one hour per treatment area. Results take about 1-3 months to take full effect; then like liposuction, those fat cells are gone.


How does CoolSculpting Work?

Using cutting edge technology, the CoolSculpting applicators apply cooling to the fat cells. Because fat freezes at a different level than the other tissues in the body, this can be done without harming the other cells in the area. These frozen fat cells become damaged beyond repair and the body’s natural response is to remove the damaged cells. One CoolSculpting treatment can reduce the number of fat cells by 20-25% in just one treatment.


What if?

You could have that body you’ve always wanted? Your clothes could fit right? You could feel comfortable in your own skin? You could actually show off the hard work you are putting in at the gym? Being confident in how you look can have a huge impact on your life, and CoolSculpting can give you that confidence boost you need!


How Much does it Cost?

For the amazing results you can get with CoolSculpting, the price you pay is minimal. But that being said, if you want cheap prices you should look at the cheap treatments which get cheap results (i.e., not CoolSculpting). CoolSculpting isn’t a quick fix; you get life lasting results. We do provide a financing option that can help you get started with treatments today while making small payments overtime. Additionally, we do offer package pricing, meaning the more treatments you buy the cheaper the price per treatment. Everyone’s body, goals and treatment plan is different and this is why a consultation is required to give you an exact price but most of our patients are paying in the range of $2000-$6000 for their complete treatment packages. 


Your Next Steps

So is CoolSculpting for real? YES! With over 1 million treatments performed, the jury is no longer out: CoolSculpting works. Now all you have to do is schedule a CoolSculpting assessment to see the impact it can have in your life. Your next step would be to schedule a free CoolSculpting assessment. In this appointment we will answer any questions you have about CoolSculpting, verify that you are a candidate, and create your custom treatment plan to fit your individual goals and body. You can schedule your appointment online by clicking here or calling 480-636-1068. If you are still unsure you can visit our website

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