By Dr. Jarom Ipson, NMD

Warning – Only read this if you want the following: lose weight, have more energy, build more lean muscle, get better immune function, have increased concentration and memory, feel better and have more confidence.

I’m pleased to introduce you to the Stop Eating CRAP: Nutrition Fix. This isn’t your normal lose-weight-fast trendy diet scheme. The goal of this program is to give your nutrition a total reset and help you live and feel better, not just today but the rest of your life. The number one cause of people being sick, over weight, tired and depressed is eating crappy food. Unfortunately, especially in weight loss, the only thing that most people hear and think matters is “calories in vs/ calories out.” This thought method is so archaic and has been disproven on  many levels, yet every time healthy eating comes up, it is the first thing that gets mentioned.   In fact there are weight loss companies out there making billions upon billions of dollars feeding unsuspecting people crappy nutrition advice (and crappy food). Yes, you can lose weight by not eating food, but you can also die. I hope you know better (at least now you do) not to fall victim to these companies.

This program is not just about weight loss or sugar detox or low carb programs. We want you to improve your health, feel good, have great energy and live a long healthy happy life. For some people that could mean losing weight and/or gaining muscle. For others it may mean fewer migraines or better moods and energy. It all comes in a package; a  successful health program isn’t focused just on weight or one aspect of health, but on the whole person. The program is designed so everyone, not just patients at San Tan Natural Medicine, can realize these benefits. For optimal results we do recommend that you add us to your health care team.

The Stop Eating CRAP: Nutrition Fix is simple. Just 5 general rules and 3 simple steps to follow. Before we go into the steps lets review the rules.

Rule #1 – No calorie restrictions. On the Stop Eating CRAP: Nutrition Fix if you are hungry, you are not eating enough. If you are tired, you are not eating enough. If you are craving sugar, you are not eating enough. If you are craving salty or crunchy foods, you are not eating enough. If you are feeling weak, you are not eating enough. If you don’t give your body proper nutrition and hydration, you can’t expect improvement. (Sometimes having the number on the scale go down is not an improvement.) As long as you are sticking to foods that are on the approved list, you can eat as much as you want. You can get the approved food list HERE. The food list is a list of foods that promote health and doesn’t include the foods that can make you not feel good or gain weight. I often get the question about organic foods (meat, fats and produce) and my response is, YES! Whenever available and affordable, organic food is a better option. Organic food has exponentially higher nutrient levels (the good stuff) and exponentially lower amounts of toxins (the bad stuff).

Rule #2 – Only eat foods that nourish your body – It shouldn’t come as a shock that your body needs good food full of nutrients to make it work. One the other side of the coin, you should know that if you put the wrong things into your body, it will have negative side effects. Artificial ingredients and processed foods are not safe for your body. You will need to learn to read ingredient labels; you may think that you are eating something healthy but it could be that the food has a bunch of junk and sugar snuck in. There are many examples, but one that I often hear is Greek yogurt. Plain yogurt can be very healthy, but if you look at the ingredients of just about every other flavor it revels that it is full of crap. And you also can’t trust labelling or advertising. Healthy, natural, fat free, sugar free and packed with vitamins does not mean healthy. Another great example of this: sports drinks and energy drinks; they are 100% crap. Stick with the approved food list and you can’t go wrong. Don’t forget to drink enough water.

Rule #3 – Eat 9 or more servings of vegetables and fruit daily – Vegetables are preferred. This is a hard one, if you really think about it how many servings of vegetables are you currently getting (tomato sauce does not count unless you made it from scratch) most people are lucky to get one or two. What about fruit? That’s usually an easier one because it is much easier to grab a banana or an apple. But are you getting 9 or more?  Produce can be very cost-effective and a great way to pack in highly nutritious foods. Adding vegetables to smoothies can be a great way to pack extra servings into one meal (In fact here is a free smoothie guide to help you). Remember organic is preferred when available and affordable. Another great option which is making a comeback and more people should dedicate some time and space to is growing your own vegetables and fruits. When you do this you can control the nutrition the plants are receiving which then allows you to control the nutrition you receive from them. If you are new to gardening start small and grow season by season.

Rule #4 – Enjoy your Food – You should enjoy the food you eat. Believe it or not healthy food tastes better than sugary, processed and crappy food. It’s just that your taste buds and pleasure sensors in the brain have been hijacked by chemicals and unnatural amounts of sugar. Within a few short weeks, your taste buds will return to normal and your body will thank you. Plan your meals, be creative, learn to cook simple recipes you like, don’t be afraid to try new things, and with time expand your repertoire (bacon is on the approved food list so it can’t be all bad). Most spices are approved, but if you are using a spice blend make sure that there isn’t extra crap or sugar snuck in. Some people say they don’t like the taste of water, there are plenty of healthy ways to enhance the taste of your water.

Rule #5 – Exercise right, rest right – Moving your body is very important and rest is even more important. Not all exercise is created equal. Too much of the wrong types of exercise can cause injury and make it harder to lose weight. In fact the most common type people think of, long distance running or biking, may be the worst for your health and weight loss. The intensity of your workout is much more important than the duration of the workout. With that being said if you are going for 2-hour long bike rides you may be hindering your health and weight loss. According to the latest research the best type of exercise for cardiovascular health, weight loss and healthy aging is high intensity interval training or HIIT. Our exercise guide give more information and has step by step instructions on how to build your own exercise program. If you are new to interval training, start slowly and build up. If your workout is going longer than 30 minutes, it is taking too long; and when you are starting out it makes sense to even start with a small 5-10 minute routine. Now rest, if you are not getting enough true rest, your body will not be able to function properly whether it is thinking, working, exercise, losing weight, detoxing, creating hormones … the list is endless. Don’t sabotage your progress by sacrificing sleep. If you feel that the sleep you are getting is not effective, it is possible you have very high stress creating a hormonal imbalance which should be evaluated by a doctor. Stress relief and management is a vital part of rest as well. Don’t neglect the mental, emotional and spiritual parts of you, and don’t forget the impact the mental, emotional and spiritual can have on the physical.

Step 1 – Clean – We live in a toxic world. Toxins are all around us and they affect how we think, feel, and lose weight. If you think you are living toxin free, good job; but you will have to work harder. In every study every done to detect toxin accumulation in humans, 100% have come back positive. This does not mean it is hopeless, it means we have to work to avoid exposure and support our body’s natural detoxification processes. One of the reasons that crappy food is culprit number one in affecting our health is that crappy food is highly processed and can contain thousands of chemicals (pesticides, texturants, flavor enhancers, colorings, and many more). Our bodies do the best they can trying to keep up with cleaning out the garbage, but when things get backed up our body has to store these toxins somewhere, which is normally fat cells. If you jump straight to step 2 without step 1 your body will be releasing these toxins and not be able to eliminate them properly, meaning they will recirculate through your blood looking for more fat to deposit into, which will cause you to gain weight back. A proper cleanse is important for successful health and weight loss. We recommend physician-quality supplements to ensure your success. Other cleanse products, plans and supplements just aren’t complete and don’t cover all the bases when it comes to detox and can end up doing more harm than good. It is likely that you may have to come back and repeat step 1 a few times and even periodically long term to get the best health outcome. But it is not advisable to be detoxing for a considerable amount of time without breaks. 14 days on 14 off is a good pattern.

Step 2 – Lean -In this step we focus on building health, losing excess fat and/or increasing muscle mass. The supplements involved in this portion are different and focused on building nutrition and health rather than detox. As stated above it is normal to bounce back and forth between steps 1 and 2 until your basic goals are reached. After which, staying in step 2 or an abbreviated form a step two long term is normal.

Step 3 – Dream – The program doesn’t end after you reach a certain weight or health goal. Health is a lifelong process. Step 3 exists to ensure that you look ahead and develop long-term goal for longevity, health and activities. Really the only limits to what you can accomplish are your beliefs, so don’t let them stop you.

You can follow these rules and steps on your own. And we invite you to join our public Facebook Group where we will share motivation, support, recipes, ideas, tips and great health information.

As mentioned we do have recommended supplements to use during Step 1 – Clean and Step 2 – Lean. It is not required to use our supplements to have success but there are a long list of imposters that sell supplements, so if you have questions about a paticular company, brand or product feel free to ask (the Facebook group would be a great place to ask this type of question so others can learn too).

Our program includes:

  • Program guide and Resources
  • Complete Step 1 supplements and guide book
  • Complete Step 2 supplements and guide book
  • Free Bonus: (Only for those who are local and can come in weekly to the office) weekly weigh in and B12 energy/fat-burner/detox shot

There are other obstacles to weight loss that may need to be addressed in some people, including hormones, diabetes, digestive issues (inflammation and/or flora imbalances), food intolerances, eating disorders, etc. So if you suspect that something on this list is a culprit of your health symptoms or weight gain, you should schedule and appointment with one of our doctors. If you feel like you are following the above recommendations pretty well and still not having success, schedule an appointment as this could be a sign of an underling health issue that needs to be uncovered and addressed.

Recommended Resources:

Food Guide
Smoothie Guide
Exercise Guide
Facebook Group

Dr Jarom Ipson, NMD



Dr. J is a certified Naturopathic Doctor and author, who’s passionate about teaching others how their body works and putting them on a path to better health. Jarom is an expert in weight loss, pain relief, hormone balancing, natural aesthetics, digestive issues, and anti-aging.

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