By Dr. Jarom Ipson, NMD

When it comes to the search for true happiness and joy in life you don’t need to look any further than having a happy loving marriage and seeing your children be happy and successful. For a growing number of men low energy, lack of focus, stress, loss of motivation, disinterest, brain fog, decreased performance, moods and anxiety can make it difficult to function like a normal human let alone the husband and father that you want to be. Surely, you’ve heard of testosterone, but what you may not know is that this little hormone has an essential connection to every issue we listed above. Testosterone is the hormone that literally makes you a man and turns the key to make your body, mind and emotions go.

Normal TRT, testosterone replacement, helps men with energy, focus, moods, stress management, decision making, motivation, libido and performance. Let me share what my patients are reporting and new studies that are coming out about testosterone levels.


One of the more common concerns I hear lately from men when discussing testosterone replacement is increased aggressiveness, not something a husband or father wants. But from my patients taking testosterone they aren’t reporting any issues with aggressive behavior. In animal studies, higher testosterone has been shown to make animals more aggressive but, no matter how much you try to dumb it down, we are not animals, our intellectual capacity is on a completely different level than animals. I suspect that part of where the aggressiveness idea comes from is due to the increased self-confidence, mental clarity, assertiveness, improved decision making and libido increase that come with men having optimal testosterone. Some may interpret this as aggressiveness when really it is you being the more confident version of yourself. In fact, when men first come to see me because of low testosterone they complain of having increased anger, frustration and short temper because of low testosterone. There are even studies published that support what I see clinically. The journal of Psychological and Clinical Sciences published a study showing how men with higher testosterone levels were more generous than those with lower levels. For my patients starting them on testosterone replacement will over time decrease the anger, frustration, and stress they feel helping them to be themselves and act accordingly.

One of the biggest strains on a marriage and family life would be dad getting home from work, eating dinner and crashing on the couch for the rest of the night. It is hard to be a good husband and father while you are asleep on the couch. This is probably the number one reason that wives will schedule appointments with me for their husbands. Most men don’t want to admit there is a problem let alone go to the doctor and talk about it. But for those that have low levels, which is increasingly common, they are very grateful for the benefits that come with testosterone replacement. They can have energy throughout the day and the weekend to get stuff done and not crash afterwards. Increased physical performance is a well-known benefit of testosterone but what many men don’t realize is the increase in mental performance as well, giving men motivation, mental clarity, confidence and will power.

Father CookingSure having more energy and getting more done is important but there is more to being married and parenting than just that. Is there more info on the parenting and testosterone? Interestingly enough, yes, the medical journal Hormones and Behavior published a study about testosterone levels in men and parenting quality. The study of 217 fathers (all of which had at least two children) found that higher testosterone levels were linked to higher quality parenting among fathers. The study determined that this was due to men with higher testosterone being more sensitive toward their children and having a higher respect for their children’s autonomy. Pretty simple higher testosterone means a happier dad and happier kids.

Another lesser known benefit of testosterone replacement is being able to handle stress better. Stress is one of the biggest culprits in causing low testosterone. Chronic stress not only lowers your testosterone but also kills your moods, sleep, appetite and much more all of which can have a negative impact on your testosterone levels. Balancing out your testosterone levels with testosterone replacement gives your body and mind the fuel needed to handle difficult situations. Being able to see things clearer and make decisions under pressure can go a long way to alleviating the effects of stress. It would be amazing if there were something that we could take that actual made stress go away, but in the mean time we can just work on building up your body to withstand the stress.

Some reading this may wonder how improving libido and sexual performance can make you a better husband. Even though libido by itself is a poor indicator of low testosterone there is a well-known libido-testosterone connection and a major strain in relationships can happen when a man’s libido drops. In the majority of marriages men have the higher sex drive. When a man’s libido drops the wife can then start to over think things and think it is her fault and that her husband isn’t attracted to her anymore,… leading to a downward spiral. (I see this happen more often than you think as reported by both my male patients and my female patients) When libido returns it helps the men to show that interest in their wives which helps them feel good. Husbands also tend to be more attentive, caring, interested and helpful around the house.

There is a right way and a wrong way to do testosterone replacement. Finding the right clinic where you feel comfortable is the biggest key. It’s likely your primary care doesn’t have proper training in understanding testosterone and in most cases insurance isn’t going to cover TRT, at San Tan Natural Medicine we make things as easy as possible for our patients to get safe and effective testosterone levels. There are also many large men’s health clinics charging excessively high prices making it seem harder than it should be to obtain TRT. Testosterone itself is relatively inexpensive and from the right clinic price shouldn’t be an obstacle to your health.


Men, if you are interested in more of anything we talked about above now is the time to get your testosterone levels checked. For a limited time, we are offering a free testosterone check and 15 min consultation to get your questions answered.

Women, how would you like to have a husband that actually checks things off your ‘Honey do’ list. Or even just have your husband back, not the lump on the couch. Sign him up for a free testosterone check and a free 15 min consult with one of our doctors.

Dr Jarom Ipson, NMD


Dr. J is a certified Naturopathic Doctor and author, who’s passionate about teaching others how their body works and putting them on a path to better health. Jarom is an expert in weight loss, pain relief, hormone balancing, natural aesthetics, digestive issues, and anti-aging.

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