San Tan Natural Medicine now offers Medical Nutrition Consultations.

For the month of March, we are offering an introductory deal for 4 Consultations for $275 ($800 Value). Each consultation gives you the chance to talk with the doctor to develop a highly customized diet plan that is specific to your needs and medical conditions. Throughout your consultations you will also be educated on nutrition and how specific foods can affect your body.

What is a Medical Nutrtion Consultation?
Medical nutrition consultations include an individualized, physician supervised, nutrition plan based on the patient’s needs and diagnosis. Nutrition plans may vary from a diet designed to reverse autoimmunity, to one designed for weight loss, cardiovascular health, or type II diabetes. It may also be used in the treatment of food allergies such as Celiac, lactose intolerance, or other digestive complaints. In this way, your naturopath with work one on one with you, creating a meal plan designed especially for you so that you know what foods to eat, what foods to avoid, and achieve optimum health.

Why should you consider medical nutrition consultation with our physicians?
Naturopathic physician is trained to evaluate the needs of each patient regarding potential nutrient deficiencies. Additionally, naturopaths are trained to make recommendations based on the patient’s needs, lifestyle, diagnosis, and medications. Naturopaths can offer nutritional therapies such as vitamin injections, nutrient IVs, and pharmaceutical grade supplements.

Call (480) 636-1068 to schedule your first consultation or you may schedule online.

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