By Donna Bruce, RN

It is warming up. I am placing the shade cloth over the winter/spring vegetable beds to extend their harvest. Though they are sun lovers, the brassicas do not like the way that the desert sun starts to turn up the intensity in March and April. We will get some harvest, but it will soon be time to allow the plants to bolt and flower; so that the bees can enjoy them before they go to seed.

With year round gardening though, there is always something new coming up to delight us. The celery leaves are at their best in March. Yes, I said leaves.  I harvest the leaves of the plant to use in my smoothies as a liver detoxifier. The ribs will come later. But for now, those leaves will go into my drinks and top my salads.

Don’t toss the celery tops.

Celery Smoothie

Donna Bruce, RN



Donna is an RN who found herself struggling with all she has learned about conventional medicine. She was happy to have finally come over to the "light side" of medicine. She now gets to help bring others over as well.

Donna owns a farm family where goats, sheep, pigs, chickens and duck play in the pasture all day. She raises organic fruits and vegetables year-round to feed her family and livestock. She is happy to share what she has learned with all of you.

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