By Dr. Jarom Ipson, NMD

Stem cells fuel the repair system in your body. Virtually every tissue and organ system within your body has stem cells. These stem cells are used to repair, replenish or even replace cells that get damaged or stop functioning. When organ systems start to break down or you have difficulty healing it is a sign that your stem cells need more help. Adult stem cells are special because they are what’s called pluri-potent. This mean the cell has the potential to become a wide variety of different types of cells. You have stem cells in your heart, liver, kidneys, brain, etc. but what makes stem cells exciting is that you can take stem cells from one area of your body, say your adipose tissue (fat), and put them somewhere else in the body and those stem cells can repair, replenish or replace the damaged cells in their new home. The potential for Stem Cell therapies is virtually endless and we are excited to be on the cutting age of health technology to be able to offer these amazing treatments.

What are treatments like

There are multiple ways to perform stem cell treatments. At San Tan Natural Medicine, we use your adipose tissue (fat cells). The stem cells from fat are the best option for 3 main reasons. First, they are the easiest to extract, requiring a simple liposuction (don’t get too excited you don’t need that much fat). Second, adipose derived stem cells have been shown to be effective at differentiating into a wide variety of cells, and third adipose tissue contains the highest number of stem cells per sample by a wide margin. Stem Cell therapy is administered by injections and/or intravenously (IV) Depending on treatment the whole treatment process can be accomplished in 3-4 hours.

Potential Treatments Available and Safety

Because stem cell treatments are so new we are just in the infant stages of really knowing what stem cells can do. The first step of determining a valid medical treatment is to determine safety. Stem cell treatments have progressed beyond this point. There have already been thousands of treatments preformed with very few if any (most studies report none) negative side effects. The best thing about true stem cell treatments is that you use your own cells. This ensures there is no rejection or negative response to treatment. After determining safety, you then move to clinical studies, during the first two phases clinics that are running experimental treatments often publish case studies from 1 or more patients. These can be very useful because they can provide a basis for potential clinical trials and can help others to see treatment potential before a clinical study is completed. This is where we are currently with stem cells for treating most conditions. There are many, probably even thousands, of trials being ran throughout the world and we are only starting to get pieces of information on the results. That being said, stem cell treatments have been readily and safely used in bone marrow transplants and skin grafts for many years.

Conditions that are currently have positive case studies and/or are in clinical trials for Stem Cell Treatments

Note- this is not a complete list and we cannot guarantee results from any treatment:

Joint Issues: Knee Pain, Shoulder Pain, Elbow Pain, Ankle Pain, Hip Pain, Wrist Pain, Due to arthritis or injury, damaged or torn ligaments, tendons, and cartilage, often as an alternative to surgery.

Cardiovascular disease: High blood pressure, Coronary Artery Disease, Heart Failure, Atherosclerosis, recovery from a heart attack or stroke and more

Auto-Immune and other Conditions: Parkinson’s, MS, Lupus, ALS, Chron’s, Fibromyalgia, Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Autism, Infertility

Systemic Conditions: Kidney Failure, Liver Failure, Cirrhosis, COPD, Nerve Damage, Traumatic Brain Injuries, Diabetes

Aging and Aesthetics: Anti-Aging Medicine, Hair Regrowth, Cosmetic, Athletic Performance

(Over the coming months we will release more condition specific information for you with updates on research and clinical trials.)

Stem Cell Basics

Stem cells are different from the other cells in your body in multiple ways: they can divide and renew themselves, are not yet differentiated, and can become a wide variety of different cells. Each one of us are using our current stem cells to rebuild, repair and replenish our current cells, organs and tissues. Our body started with just one cell packed with genetic instructions and a lot of potential. Most of your cells are high specialized and focused on performing their specific tasks in the body. Adult stem cells do not have the ability to become any type of cell in the body but they are able to become the cells of almost all major organs and tissues. This gives them the amazing potential to help in a huge variety of conditions (some listed above).

The differentiation (or specialization) of stem cells is not random. Your body has complex systems to guide the process. Stem cell can only specialize into the cell of the tissue or organ where they are located. If you stick a stem cell into someone’s knee it cannot become a liver cell, but rather only joint tissue (ligament, tendon, cartilage or bone). Injecting stem cells into joint tissue is the most commonly known use for stem cells due to their use in with professional athletes but there is much more they can do. Your body has the innate ability to heal, this ability allows for us to use stem cells intravenously (IV) and let your cardiovascular system spread them throughout the body where they are needed. Based on signals from damaged or injured cells internally your body can deliver the stem cells to the appropriate area.

Can stem cells from your fat really do this?

Yes. Stem Cells from fat (also called mesenchymal stem cells) have shown that they can become many cell types such as osteoblasts (bone), chondrocytes (cartilage), adipocytes (fat), cardiomyocytes (heart muscle), fibroblast (tendons), myoblast (muscle) and neuronal (nerve) cells. Adipose derived stem cells have also been shown to aid in the production and healing of other organ tissues, even non-mesenchymal tissues by becoming stromal (or structural cells). These could include skin cells, liver cells, prostate, ovaries and more.

Stem Cell

Is there controversy?

The stem cells we use are adult stem cells, that we get from your own body. We never would add anyone else’s cells or DNA to you. Using your own cells for treatment falls out of the jurisdiction of the FDA but every step and processing follows FDA procedures. There are some clinics that claim to provide stem cell treatments using amniotic stem cells but these procedures do not contain any actual or viable stem cells and even if they did the sample would contain foreign DNA. Amniotic and embryonic stem cells is where there could be controversy due to the source of these samples and using them therapeutically in other people.

One other area of controversy is the culturing of stem cells. Culturing of stem cells is not permitted in the US for patient use. Culturing can possibly be used to increase the number of stem cells. The issue with culturing is that if not done properly you could cause the stem cells to become cancerous. We do not culture stem cells at San Tan Natural Medicine. Your stem cells are extracted, prepared and given back to you in as short of time as possible to ensure the healthiest stem cell possible and best results.

What are the benefits of Stem Cell Therapy?

For some people stem cell therapy could be the key for them to make a complete recovery even from complex issues. Stem cells renew, repair and regenerate cells, tissues and organs. They promote your own body’s natural healing mechanisms to heal pain and injuries. These injuries, pain or damage can even be internally where we can’t see them. Stem cells are going to control, promote and regulate the release of growth factors, healing factors, and immune system signals to promote continual results. By improving your cell, tissue, organ, and/or joint function you can reach a level of health you may have never thought possible. The great thing is there is no risk of rejection, allergic or adverse reactions with using your own stem cells. The treatments are very simple with little to no downtime and quick recovery process. Some patients start noticing the results the same day. Other conditions take time as the stem cells stimulate healing that will continue to occur for days, months and even years. Because these treatments are so powerful, in most cases only one treatment is needed.


If you are interested in stem cell therapy and want to find out if you would be a candidate schedule a no cost Stem Cell Consult (in person, online, or over the phone) and we can discuss your situation, how stem cell can help you specifically and the next steps toward better health. Our office phone number is 480-636-1068. Our staff is excited to be able to help. Call the office today.

Dr Jarom Ipson, NMD



Dr. J is a certified Naturopathic Doctor and author, who’s passionate about teaching others how their body works and putting them on a path to better health. Jarom is an expert in weight loss, pain relief, hormone balancing, natural aesthetics, digestive issues, and anti-aging.

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