In the world we live in, weight loss is no easy task. There are so many opinions and ideas of how to successfully lose weight (with some being good but most being bad advice).

At San Tan Natural Medicine we focus on what is best for you and your needs and goals. We offer a variety of different programs and services to help you on the path to weight loss and better health. The most basic and popular option we have are weekly B12/fat burner shots. We also offer a comprehensive cleanse program and our patients have great results using our doctor supervised HCG program. You can learn more about each of these programs by clicking the links below.

We also offer customizable programs based on medical conditions and your health history. These programs start with an in-depth doctor intake and lab review where you and the doctor figure out the best plan of action and how to address the actual cause of your weight gain. For some hormone optimization is required, for others a diet specific to their health conditions, and for some elimination of food sensitivities. Where ever you are on the weight loss journey our staff is able to help you move to the next step.


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