The doctors at San Tan Natural Medicine could have chosen any field of medicine, but they chose to practice natural medicine. Discover what it is about natural medicine that brings joy to their jobs every day and why they chose to be naturopathic medical doctors. Get a brief glimpse into who the doctors are and what they specialize in.

Why do you love natural medicine?

Why Did You Choose to Become a Naturopathic Physician?

What is your specialty at San Tan Natural Medicine?

What is the number one thing you think most people could do to improve their health?

Dr Jarom Ipson, NMD


Dr. J is a certified Naturopathic Doctor and author, who’s passionate about teaching others how their body works and putting them on a path to better health. Jarom is an expert in weight loss, pain relief, hormone balancing, natural aesthetics, digestive issues, and anti-aging.

Call (480) 636-1068 for an appointment with Dr. Ipson, NMD or schedule online at our Online Scheduler.

Dr Jarom Ipson, NMD

DR. Tiffany Highsmith, NMD

Dr. Highsmith, NMD is a certified Naturopathic Doctor, who’s passionate about taking the holistic approach to keeping healthy. She is passionate about pain management, stem cell therapies, women's health, longevity and regeneration, and acupuncture.

Call (480) 636-1068 for an appointment with Dr. Highsmith, NMD or schedule online at our Online Scheduler.

Dr Kirsten Singler, NMD


Dr. Singler comes from a family full of natural health professionals. She understands the value of complimentary, holistic care. Kirsten is a certified Naturopath and specializes in women’s health, acupuncture, nutrition, hormone balancing, thyroid disorders, digestive disorders, diabetes type II, weight loss, cardiovascular disease prevention and stress reduction.

Dr. Singler is a trained nutrition coach and has been practicing since 2006. If you would like personalized care for nutrition, diet, weight loss, or detox then call our clinic and book today at (480) 636-1068! You can also schedule an appointment with Dr. Singler through our online scheduler.
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