About Us

Welcome to Our Practice… 

We want to begin by thanking you for making the choice to seek out Alternative Medicine–there are many healthcare choices available.  We appreciate that you have chosen San Tan Natural Medicine.

We want to familiarize you with the goals of Naturopathic Medicine and provide you with some expectations for your journey to better health.  It is our belief that only through a mutual relationship between Doctor and patient that true health is obtained.  Your initial consultation will last forty-five minutes to one hour.  You will provide one of our doctors with your health history and the primary reason for your visit.  Each subsequent visit will last thirty minutes.  This time is necessary to develop your health plan and your relationship with us.

It is important to remember that you spent many years getting to the point where you are today.  Natural Medicine will address the underlying causes of all of your symptoms by removing health obstacles to return your body to a higher state of health.  These obstacles include eating habits, exercise habits, prescription medications, stress, and lifestyle choices.  This process, though completely effective, may be slow.  It is necessary for you to commit to a healthy lifestyle plan.  The recommendations and supplements are necessary for you to be successful on your journey.

At SanTan Natural Medicine, we are passionate about the power of Naturopathic Medicine.  As you learn more and feel better, you too will share our passion.  We look forward to meeting you.

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