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Your first step is to have your testosterone levels tested.  Knowing what your testosterone level is essential. For men testosterone is a major factor in how you feel, think, perform and age. The test and consultation is free so sign up below today.

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Testosterone replacement therapy does not have to be complicated.  Weekly testosterone injections (at home or in office) is the most common method used by our patients. They work quickly, are typically more convenient and are the easiest method to keep testosterone at optimal levels. Read below as I answer the most common questions we get when it comes to testosterone and TRT (Testosterone Replacement Therapy). Also don’t miss out on our promotion of a free blood test and testosterone consultation so you can know your testosterone levels and get your individual questions answered.

What is TRT?
TRT is a treatment that stands for testosterone replacement therapy. Chances are you have heard or feel that as men age they make less and less testosterone. TRT encompasses the ways that men can replenish that important hormone in the body. TRT requires a doctor’s prescription and follow up to make sure the therapy is done correctly. When your body is low in thyroid hormone, your doctor gives you a prescription for thyroid. When you are low in Vitamin B12, your doctor gives you B12 shots. When you are low in testosterone, you get TRT. Often men chalk up how they feel to normal aging, but, chances are, that’s not the case.
Is TRT safe?
Yes. With proper TRT we are still working within the high end of normal testosterone ranges. This ensures that we are safe, have no or little side effects and only the benefits. The right doctor will be able to easily ensure that your dosage is correct and keep you feeling good.
Why is testosterone important?
Testosterone is the hormone that make a man a man, from your first day of conception until the last day of your life. Without testosterone, you would not be able to think, act or be a man. Your body requires quadrillions (yes 18 zeros) of molecules of testosterone every day to work properly. Even being low a small percentage can have immediate and drastic long-term impacts on how your health and how you feel. Testosterone helps your muscles grow and recover. It affects your mind by improving focus, memory, clarity, moods, sex drive. It improves your immune system helping you heal faster and fight off infection. It enhances cardiovascular function, strengthening blood vessels and heart function. And much more… if you are a guy, testosterone can possibly benefit any symptom you have.
Who needs TRT?
All men (ages 20+) who have symptoms of low testosterone and have blood work indicating they would be a candidate. Many men wait for years feeling like crap before things finally get so bad they must come in. They wish they would have come in sooner. Often men think that Low T is just an ‘old guy’ issue, but I have patients in their early 20s that are already experiencing Low T symptoms and have low testosterone levels verified by their blood work. There are safe and effective ways to support men of all ages with their testosterone levels. Millions of men throughout the world are on some form of TRT, but, unfortunately, there are many more millions who need to be.
What are the benefits of TRT?
Because testosterone is such a vital hormone, the benefit list is long-term. The number one most common side effect that my TRT patients experience is increased well-being—meaning life is just better: they feel better, handle life better, are happier, etc. Other common benefits are increased performance (in the gym and in the bedroom), better recovery from injury, less achy joints, elevated mood, less anxiety, sleeping better, able to manage stress better, mental sharpness, improved memory, increased strength, boosted energy, more motivation and losing weight. Often I hear men tell me that TRT is a life changer for the better and one of the best decisions they have made. Aside from feeling better on a day-to-day basis, the long-term benefits of optimal testosterone levels are also amazing. Guys with optimal testosterone, naturally or with TRT, have fewer heart attacks and strokes, less cancer, and a decreased risk of Alzheimer’s
How soon will I notice results?
Everyone is different, most start to notice a difference in the first couple weeks with even more benefits building up over the first 3 months. After the first 3 months TRT patients still notice improvements as your body is able to use your optimal testosterone levels to be healthier and live longer.
What method of TRT is the best?
There are multiple methods of TRT therapy. The most common and most effective are injections, usually once weekly. The injections are the easiest way to keep your testosterone levels in the optimal range consistently every day of the week. Creams and pellets are two other options. Creams can get messy; you must worry about transfer to other people or your clothes, and there are absorption issues. Pellets work great for some people but others experience a roller coaster of testosterone levels (rising and falling), and there is an increased chance of infection. Nearly all our patients do weekly injections and most do it in the comfort of their own home.
How do I know if I have low testosterone?
Two key ways to know for sure, blood work and symptoms. Of the two, symptoms are more important. Symptoms are your body’s way of telling you that something is out of balance. We then do blood tests to confirm your levels and calculate the correct dosing for you. Common symptoms of low testosterone are: no energy, muscle weakness, weight gain (especially around the midsection and chest), aches and pains, depressed moods, increased anxiety, feeling tired all the time, slow recovery from injury, poor libido and sexual performance. There are others, but those are the most common.
What range should my testosterone be in?
One of the biggest short comings from conventional doctors is only looking at ‘normal’ ranges. Normal guys are tired, overweight, have brain fog, don’t work out, have poor performance, and are depressed. With my patients, normal is not good enough, we work toward optimal. Depending on what lab you use the range for testosterone is usually around 250-1200. What we refer to as the optimal range is 700-1000. We didn’t just make up these numbers; not only is this the range where guys feel best on a day to day basis, but this is also where the studies are showing the best long-term health benefits (decreased heart disease, cancer, Alzheimer’s, etc.).
How long do I have to be on TRT?
Because of the safety of the dosages we use, TRT is safe for long term use. I have patients well into their 80’s on TRT and there are patients that have been on TRT for 30+ years that are still feeling great. We let patients decide how long they want to experience the benefits of therapy.
Is TRT the same as taking steroids?
No. Anabolic steroids are synthetic forms of testosterone used for a different purpose, usually to build muscle. These synthetic substances can, in some cases, be hundreds of times stronger than the natural testosterone your body makes. It also makes them hundreds of times more dangerous. Also, TRT is only designed to raise testosterone within the normal range. This range is also called the physiologic range. Anabolic steroids can raise your testosterone levels to 2000+ (supra-physiologic) which puts you at extreme risk for side effects and complications. In our clinic, we only prescribe the bio-identical version of testosterone, meaning it is identical in function to the testosterone your body would naturally make.
Is Testosterone Replacement Therapy different than Testosterone Boosting Supplements?
Yes, most supplements are cheap and ineffective. Even the most popular seller at the vitamin shop can have little-to-no results. Supplements can be effective, but the right supplement is needed. One of the best things about supplements is they are not regulated by the FDA, but one of the worst things about supplements is they are not regulated by the FDA. These lead to a lot of poor products and outlandish marketing claims with no results. TRT is completely different and uses prescription products to ensure safety and effectiveness
I tried a testosterone cream from my primary care doctor and didn’t notice any difference, is there another option?
Often we hear about men starting TRT with their primary care doctor and not getting any results. They may have tried the different creams or injections but didn’t notice anything. What we discover is that conventional doctors don’t prescribe effective doses which means they don’t get effective results. Or even worse they don’t know how to properly watch for and resolve side effects, leaving you feeling even worse than before. Because of this, you need to do your research and find the right clinic and doctor to fit your needs.
What should I do next?
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