Dr. Jarom Ipson occasionally writes e-books and special reports regarding different aspects of health. We would like to offer these publications to you for free.

Unlimited Health: 3 Essentials for a Health Life (e-book)

There are 3 essentials to a healthy life: eating a diet full of healthy food, fitness at any age, and a focus on natural prevention. This book helps teach the basics of how you can use your body’s natural systems to restore health. It explains how to build a healthy diet, create a custom fitness plan and how to live a healthy lifestyle. The light that shines from health can erase the shadow that comes from any disease or health condition.

It’s Not All In Your Head: Understanding Your Thyroid (Special Report)

How many times have you gone to the doctor and they said, ‘your labs are perfect, you are fine.’ But in your head you are thinking why do I have no energy, motivation, focus, feel depressed, hair falling out, bloated, and keep gaining weight?

This report explains your thyroid function, why doctors tell you your labs are fine, what you can do about it.

Slim Shot One Sheet (PDF)

What is a Slim Shot? How are Slim Shot injections related to weight loss? In this one sheet, I explain what a slim shot is and how it can help with the weight loss process.

Ultimate Thanksgiving Guide (Guide Book)

It is highly likely that you or someone attending your Thanksgiving Dinner has some dietary restrictions. It seems that just about everyone is on a special diet: gluten-free, paleo, dairy-free. This guide book was created to help you create the perfect Thanksgiving dinner that everyone can enjoy.

Candida Home Test (PDF)

Have you ever heard of Candida? Download the candida home test and then watch this great 10 min. video that explains a little about candida and how it can cause a variety of health issues including uncontrollable sugar cravings.

Smoothie Guide (Guide Book)

Starting off your day with a healthy breakfast should be one of your top priorities.  Real fruit smoothies can be so easy it is a no brainer. I’ve prepared an easy to follow guide to help you create awesome, nutritional and healthy smoothies.

Exercise and Food Guide (2 guide books)

Here are two guides to help you on your journey to health. The Healthy Eating Guide explains what foods are good for your body and which foods to avoid. It also teaches you how to prepare a 7-day meal plan with an example and a handful of recipes. The Exercise Smart guide introduces the HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) exercise program. The benefits and how to get started building a HIIT routine.

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